Board of Directors

Boards of Directors face unprecedented demands, as business continues to move at a faster and dizzying pace; directors need to oversee a seemingly endless number of nuanced areas of strategy, execution and risk; and the time available at meetings and otherwise is limited. Topics requiring oversight are complex, requiring specialized knowledge and expertise to analyze and experienced judgement to navigate.

TechPar, with its deep bench of acclaimed experts, is ready to help you and your Board, Advisory Board or Management Committee. TechPar can provide the knowledge, experience and insights necessary for you to oversee critical issues relating to governance, strategy, cybersecurity, digital transformation, privacy, culture, risk management, ethics and compliance, among others. TechPar’s independence and objectivity will provide your Board with candid, informed and unbiased assistance in discharging its oversight obligations. TechPar will help your Board become more efficient, informed and effective.

TechPar offers a variety of Boardroom Advisory Services, which can be tailored to your Board’s needs, including:

  • Baseline: Customized presentation on one or more areas of oversight, based on a formal assessment including board and management interviews, “desk work”, industry comparisons, best practices, and alternative approaches.
  • Full Service: Baseline service plus implementation support including suggested report design, dashboard and key metrics, roles and responsibilities and a governance process.
  • Board Composition Assessment: Assessment of Board member skills/experience relative to emerging oversight and governance issues, their alignment with executive management, and recommendations of profiles for recruitment.
  • Annual Continuing Education Program: A quarterly program of Baseline or Full-Service offerings driven by the Board’s need for expertise and objective advice on a myriad of oversight subject matters. This offering can be tailored to the full Board, new Board members, or members of a committee.

Contact  Charles Popper  to discuss how we can assist you regarding BOD services.