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Blockchain Usage 2017

The Blockchain concept is a revisionist look at the Bitcoin White Paper that created this whole phenomenon. That said, with literally trillions of dollars of investment in Blockchain related business (over a trillion in funding startups alone), you can see four major categories of businesses developing. These are: Business Process Improvement This has garnered the[…]

Cryptocurrency and Digital Money – Introduction

Here are a couple of links that give you a general introduction to what is cryptocurrency. It is really a very generalized term, and you will see that it covers a multitude of asset types that really do not belong together. As regulators start to make clear legal distinctions (e.g. Securities vs Money tokens), new[…]

Publishing in the Age of Blockchain

  Lost in the often exuberant hyperbole surrounding the potential of blockchain is the fact that blockchain is a ‘foundational’ technology similar to the internet protocol (TCP/IP) which governs all our web activities today.  Thus, blockchain is still in its infancy with respect to the applications which will eventually be built on top of it. […]

Blockchain and Ledgers and Cryptos – Oh My!

Please navigate to the white paper section of the website (link below)  and download “Blockchain and Ledgers and Cryptos – Oh My! ”  Here is the abstract: The basic concepts behind blockchain are relatively straightforward: a distributed database (the “ledger”) that maintains a complete transaction history on multiple nodes of a network.  Confusingly, much that[…]

Blockchain Doubters – We want to talk to you

Seeking input to our Whitepaper on Blockchain Blockchain is growing as a new wave of internet technology, a disruption point that is totally changing how many businesses operate, and a new way to move value (e.g. crypto currency). Yet, there are many who resist Blockchain for a number of reasons.  Such as: We don’t understand[…]

Bitcoin concerns should not reflect upon Blockchain

 Bitcoin in a Nutshell BITCOIN is simply cash, no more, no less.  To try to ascribe other attributes to it, simply creates an inaccurate premise from which to analyze its value.  BITCOIN, just like Cash is not reversible – you give someone your cash, that person has it – the only way to get it[…]

IoT and Blockchain – Edge computing opportunity

 Fix the Current State of IoT! One of the biggest issues with IoT is security. Companies like CISCO, AT&T, IBM, Hitachi, DELL …. Who obviously need to be on the forefront of IoT, will need to address this concern.   IoT devices reach directly out onto the Internet, communicate M2M, receive instructions and deliver information. The[…]